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for Children and Their Parents of All Ages at Fairs

Kids Celebration Family Game Show offers an amazing, funtastic experience like no other family-friendly fair show in the United States. Our highly interactive family shows are skillfully produced for everyone from children to grandparents to enjoy playing games together.

Fun Family Time

Kids are electrified by the colorful stage, memorable music, and casual team-style competition, while parents are encouraged to laugh and play more with their children. We have raised the bar on creating a professional, entertaining environment for the whole family and guarantee results.

This video was a PBS Produced Special shot at the Iowa State Fair by Iowa Public Television

Benefits of Hosting Kids Celebration at Your Fair

  • Every show is unique to the ages represented in the audience.
  • The age range for this family game show is children through grandma & grandpa.
  • Compliments the mission of your fair, to create a memorable experience for families.
  • This is a family game show that will reach all ages through group interaction, music and awesome games.

"Kid's Celebration was hilariously funny and entertaining! The program involved members of the crowd from adults to children in games, song, & dance, making the evening fun and engaging."

- Brandi from Easley, South Carolina


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