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Based in NE Oklahoma, Kids Celebration Family Game Show puts on memorable school assembly shows throughout the United States to demonstrate that students have fun when they make good choices. Our child-centered event incorporates group interaction, music, and high-energy games to make learning about basic values entertaining. The program focuses on issues that every child needs to hear like drug and alcohol abuse, respect, honesty, kindness, self-esteem, and safety.

Learning Objectives:

  • Allow students an opportunity to see their teachers having fun
  • Emphasize the benefits of making good choices
  • Demonstrate the importance of working together
  • Create a fun interactive environment for learning

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(405) 818-8326

"I think your program was fantastic. Did a great job interacting with students and getting a lot of students as well as faculty involved. I felt it was a great experience not only for the kids but for the Teachers as well. Would strongly recommend your program to any school. Let people know we thought you did such a great job, we had you come twice in the same year."

- Kyle Ford, Principal at Inola Elementary

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